What is a NaturesPix™ Photo Insert Card?

Perhaps the easiest way to explain a NaturesPix™ photo insert card is to show one in its various stages of construction, (watch the animated file loading below), and to describe the construction process:
1. The process begins with a blank piece of 80# matte (linen) finish card stock, off-white in color, cut to 7 in. by 15 in. inches;

2. The Naturespix™ company logo and information, a brief description of the nature scene depicted on the photo, and a customized border for the photo are printed on the card stock. At NaturesPix we select an actual color from the photo to use as the border color;

3. A precise 3½ in. by 5½ in. hole is cut out, inside the border;

4. A high gloss 4 in. by 6 in. photograph, of a NaturesPix outdoor nature scene, is bonded to the card;

5. In the final step, the back flap of the card is folded over and bonded to the center section, securing the photograph in its `insert pocket'.

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